The New Paradigm For Breaking Habits – Part 3

In this 3rd and last part of the series, I will delve further into some of the highlights from Dr. Amy Johnson’s book, The Little Book Of Big Change. The Three Principles The spiritual insights shared in this book, originate in a field of spiritual pshichology called the Three Principles. This describes how all human […]

The New Paradigm For Breaking Habits – Part 1

Whether you are suffering from a debilitating psychological disorder such as OCD, or you just feel that you are prevented from living your life freely, and as yourself – not because of external impediments, but because of unhealthy habits, addictions, or anxiety – you are likely to find the work of Dr. Amy Johnson extremely […]

Breaking free from bad habits/addictions – Part 3

Rewards that are more rewarding/ Stepping out of the habit loop In this last chapter, I will talk about my key takeaways from Step 3 in freeing ourselves from unwanted habits or addictions, from Dr. Judson Brewer’s talk. Even though this method can be applied to any addiction or bad habit, I would like to […]