Finding You – The Hero’s Journey

Nowadays, the movie industry seems to be saturated with super-hero movies. To the point where there is hardly anything else that receives real attention. But what is it that makes these types of movies so successful? Sure, there are awesome special effects of all kinds. But that alone, doesn’t justify their immense popularity, especially with […]

Suffering – an integral part of our life experience

When considering the notion of suffering, our first thoughts and feelings might be that it is something highly unwanted, something we would rather not experience, something that we would do anything to avoid. Yet without exception, each and every one of us experiences suffering to some degree, at some point in our lives. That is, […]

The Hidden Power of Dreaming

It’s interesting and at the same time sad, to observe that the notion of dreaming is so dismissed and discredited in our current societies, perhaps even more so in western ones. And for good reason – The rhythm of life has steadily increased ever since industrialisation, but particularly in the past few decades. Stress has […]

Root causes or symptoms?

When we are looking at something that bothers us, something we don’t want, whether it’s to do with our own health, or the health of our society, I believe it’s worth considering the following question: Are we dealing with the very problem itself, or with the effect of it – its symptom? Whether the issue […]

Challenges, and the role they play in our life’s journey

I used to think – how is it that all of the people I encounter, are able to live happily and get on with their lives, without being weighed down, or even stopped in their tracks by various problems? Why am I the only one who is struggling so much? This is so unfair! Part […]

Change the world within, and the world around you changes

It’s funny how, when we desire change in the world, we often expect that change to come from sources outside of ourselves. We seem to expect those around us to change first, forgetting that we are part of the equation as well. We expect people to conform to our way of viewing the world, forgetting […]

Affirmations – how you can integrate them into your life, as a powerful tool for transformation

Everything starts with willingness to change. You see, I believe that when we are willing to change or improve an aspect of our lives, the universe presents us, in one form or another, with the means to transcend the challenges we are experiencing. In my case, affirmations were one of the many tools that came […]