Listening to music at different frequencies

In this article, I would like to briefly discus sound, frequency, vibration and the relevance of these aspects in the music we are listening to. I will also share some information on what are believed to be the most beneficial frequencies used in music. We are beings of vibration “Concerning matter, we have been all […]

Breaking free from bad habits/addictions – Part 3

Rewards that are more rewarding/ Stepping out of the habit loop In this last chapter, I will talk about my key takeaways from Step 3 in freeing ourselves from unwanted habits or addictions, from Dr. Judson Brewer’s talk. Even though this method can be applied to any addiction or bad habit, I would like to […]

The only validation we need, is from ourselves

We seem to have got to a point in society where our personal sense of worth, fulfilment, and achievement comes almost solely from others – family, friends, peers, colleagues and society. This has certainly been a pattern that I’ve noticed in my own life, but also in the lives of others. How is it that […]

Breaking free from bad habits/addictions – Part 2

In this chapter I will continue to outline my key takeaways from Dr. Judson Brewer’s talk on freeing ourselves from bad habits, and talk about the second step in this healing process. First off, I would like to briefly recap the essence of Step 1, discussed in the previous chapter: Step 1 is about being […]

Breaking free from bad habits/addictions – Part 1

In this 3 part article series, I will walk you through my key takeaways from Dr. Judson Brewer’s talk on breaking free from addictions, and focus on the 3 steps he describes that dismantle the habit loop we are caught in. The talk can be found within the mindfulness app called “Calm”, and a shorter […]

Root causes or symptoms?

When we are looking at something that bothers us, something we don’t want, whether it’s to do with our own health, or the health of our society, I believe it’s worth considering the following question: Are we dealing with the very problem itself, or with the effect of it – its symptom? Whether the issue […]

Challenges, and the role they play in our life’s journey

I used to think – how is it that all of the people I encounter, are able to live happily and get on with their lives, without being weighed down, or even stopped in their tracks by various problems? Why am I the only one who is struggling so much? This is so unfair! Part […]

Change the world within, and the world around you changes

It’s funny how, when we desire change in the world, we often expect that change to come from sources outside of ourselves. We seem to expect those around us to change first, forgetting that we are part of the equation as well. We expect people to conform to our way of viewing the world, forgetting […]