The New Paradigm For Breaking Habits – Part 3

In this 3rd and last part of the series, I will delve further into some of the highlights from Dr. Amy Johnson’s book, The Little Book Of Big Change. The Three Principles The spiritual insights shared in this book, originate in a field of spiritual pshichology called the Three Principles. This describes how all human […]

Finding You – The Hero’s Journey

Nowadays, the movie industry seems to be saturated with super-hero movies. To the point where there is hardly anything else that receives real attention. But what is it that makes these types of movies so successful? Sure, there are awesome special effects of all kinds. But that alone, doesn’t justify their immense popularity, especially with […]

The New Paradigm For Breaking Habits – Part 2

In this 2nd article of my 3 part series, I will continue to outline some of my key takeaways from Dr. Amy Johnson’s book The little book of big change. When it comes to breaking unwanted habits, the approach Dr. Johnson offers in this book has made more difference in my self-healing journey, than any […]

Intuition – Our Highest Form Of Intelligence?

What is intuition for you? What does it mean to you? How would you depict it? In day to day life, we use phrases such as “I knew I should have done this”; “My heart tells me…”; “It just didn’t feel right” etc. But what are we actually referring to when we say these things? […]

The New Paradigm For Breaking Habits – Part 1

Whether you are suffering from a debilitating psychological disorder such as OCD, or you just feel that you are prevented from living your life freely, and as yourself – not because of external impediments, but because of unhealthy habits, addictions, or anxiety – you are likely to find the work of Dr. Amy Johnson extremely […]

Human nature, or faulty system?

Why is humankind so selfish? Why are we so egocentric? Why are we generally so focused on ourselves – the individual, rather than the collective? Why do we seek personal benefit, gain and profit, while disregarding the basic needs of those around us? Why aren’t we instead living in communion with each other, sharing our […]

Suffering – an integral part of our life experience

When considering the notion of suffering, our first thoughts and feelings might be that it is something highly unwanted, something we would rather not experience, something that we would do anything to avoid. Yet without exception, each and every one of us experiences suffering to some degree, at some point in our lives. That is, […]

Beginner’s mind – Tabula Rasa

I was hit by a realisation the other day, when my cat entered my room after I returned home from a short trip. She started “inspecting” everything with curiosity, as if she’s never been in that place before. She was taking her time to experience the room as if for the first time. This made […]

The Hidden Power of Dreaming

It’s interesting and at the same time sad, to observe that the notion of dreaming is so dismissed and discredited in our current societies, perhaps even more so in western ones. And for good reason – The rhythm of life has steadily increased ever since industrialisation, but particularly in the past few decades. Stress has […]